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Rick Styczynski
I will be playing poker in Vegas on 6-7-2011 at The Venetien Deep Stack.If I cash. a percentage of my winnings will be donated to you.
Monday May 23,2011 - Orlando Florida going to Las Vegas Nevada

Rance Jurevwicz
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Monday November 8,2010 - Highland, CA

Nancy Heerlein Wagner Lananna
Thank you, for all your support to our sons and daughters. I myself am working on starting a care package donation coordination and know how time consuming and costly it can get without alot of support. So again Thank you from the bottom of my heart- Nancy (Mother of PFC Richard J. Wagner Jr. Army Medic in Afghanistan)
Thursday August 6,2009 - Oxford, NY

Connie Mays
My son recently joined the Army National Guard and will be going to Afganistan after boot camp. I am looking in to this cause locally.
Wednesday November 19,2008 - Royal Oak, Michigan

Thank you so much for all you are doing for us here in the USA.
GOD BlESS each one of you and bring you home safe and soon.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Tuesday November 18,2008

Julia Caravello
I am an Army Mom, my son is CAV 1-9 Apache (Deployed) Thank You to all of you and your work ! God Bless our Troops !! "An Apache Mom"
Monday November 17,2008 - Satellite Beach FL

Mary Parker
proud mom of
A1C Geoffrey Stegall USAF USAFE 435 CES/CED

A huge thank you to all the men and women who so selflessly defend all that we hold dear.
Thursday November 13,2008 - Citrus Hts, CA

Kathy Mohawk
I wish you a safe holiday season and hope you will be out of harm's way soon. Thank you for all you do to make this world a safer place to be.
Thursday November 13,2008 - Gowanda, NY

I think that this is a very great cause and I will be helping with my youth group thank you for the chance to help!
Wednesday November 12,2008 - New York

Great website!
I am a veteran that served four years in the Navy and six years in the Air Force Reserves. I am extremely grateful, and proud of everyone who has the courage to wear the uniform of armed forces of the Unites States of America. Thank you all for fighting for, and preserving the peace of this our great nations. Without you we would not have the freedom we all enjoy! God Bless you and God Bless the USA!
Friday November 7,2008

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