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I think that this is a very great cause and I will be helping with my youth group thank you for the chance to help!
Wednesday November 12,2008 - New York

Great website!
I am a veteran that served four years in the Navy and six years in the Air Force Reserves. I am extremely grateful, and proud of everyone who has the courage to wear the uniform of armed forces of the Unites States of America. Thank you all for fighting for, and preserving the peace of this our great nations. Without you we would not have the freedom we all enjoy! God Bless you and God Bless the USA!
Friday November 7,2008

Cherylann and Tom Marto
Hope you are well. We have donated some money over the past few years and will continue to support your great work but we want to do more.

Is there packaging, errands, or other things we can do for you on a busy weekend or around this time of year?

Please let us know.

GOD Bless you and your work, hope you all are well.
Friday October 31,2008 - Averill Park, NY

Mrs. Dot Dawson
our son is in Ft. Drum and he just ask today for us to send him and his roommate a care pkg. so i,m just searching on here and found exactly what i intend to be MMIA. God Bless you all and all you do. Dot
Thursday October 30,2008 - Davison, michigan

Diane M. Fowler
I've been looking for a militaty support group, since my son joined the Air Force, in November 2007. I am so proud of him and now all the other military personal who fight to defend the rights and freedom of our great country. I read your "faith" page and I am in line with your beliefs. Thank -you so much for just being. I plan to be contacting you in the future. I love your goals and purpose. Most Sincerely, Your New Friend, Diane Fowler
Saturday September 20,2008 - College Place, Washington, USA (near Walla Walla)

William Van Valkenburg
Keep up the great work!!!!
Wednesday September 17,2008 - Delmar, NY

I'm a military mom that's deployed and want to thank you for your organization. Care packages really aren't necessary since the government gives us everything we need. However receiving mail is a big morale booster plus we get to meet new friends like ya'll. Thanks for all you're doing for the troops! It hasn't gone unnoticed and is much appreciated.
Thursday May 29,2008 - Kuwait

Tamara Utley
Our 19 yr. old son is currently serving in Afghanistan with the NY National Guard. We are from Western New York and I am glad to have come across your website.
Friday May 23,2008

Zoie Walden
Ladies, You and your families are in my heart this Memorial Day. I got my medical discharge, before I had kids. but every day, I thank God for you and pray for you and yours. /Salute from a Vet-Mommy.
Friday May 23,2008 - Minneapolis, MN USA

The Southern Cruisers-(John Delamater)
Hi Kathy & Ken, Want to say thanx for a great day on the bike run.
Turned out to be a great day,I know that there were people behind the scenes so please give them a pat on the back and tell them we appreciate their help also. The Southern Cruisers is the group I was with and everyone had a good time. Lots of prizes won, good food new friends and fellowship.
Lorna was more than willing to lead after her nomination. Several others on the ride stepped up and helped with Traffic control. Please let us know how MMA made out and hopefully we can lend a hand in the future. it was good seeing you again, take care, hug the boys and all of you at MMA KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK
Sunday May 18,2008

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